Gemini Daily Horoscope

You will have an opportunity to have some fun right now. You may buy yourself some new music CDs, take in a rock concert or go to the opera. Your creativity is high but you feel more like enjoying the fruits of other people's creative talents.

Extended Gemini horoscope for today

While a Full Moon in Gemini in three days' time will be an important chance to check in personally and even to push the 'reset' button, this will put some pressure on your relationships. This makes Mercury, the planet of communication's return to your relationship sector today a real advantage and one that you could have missed. Held back by a retrograde turn last month Mercury should have been and gone by now, while held back any longer and he would return after the Full Moon. Instead, the timing means that while your personal and relationship needs are about to clash, the planet of communication is getting into position ahead of time.

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