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18 January Gemini Daily Horoscope
Communication takes on a more passionate and possibly creative vibe now. So, make full use of your enhanced ability to convey yourself pictorially and perhaps with more enthusiasm. However, it might also be necessary to balance any discussion or exchange. You might be oblivious to how often you say the words 'me', 'myself,' and 'I.'
While the Moon returns to your communication sector every four weeks and this will always make it easier to give your emotional responses a voice, the timing makes this a game changer. With the North Node leaving Gemini and the South Node your relationship sector tomorrow, a 20 month policing of a balance between your personal and relationship needs is coming to an end. The Moon has returned during the final days, on hand to make it easier to keep the communication lines open at a time when there is no planetary activity on the communication front.
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