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20 October Gemini Daily Horoscope
There could be something about an idea or plan that may feel like you stand at a sink full of hot, soapy water as somebody plonks a big stack of dirty dishes next to you. You do not doubt that you will succeed in making these look immaculate. But the mechanical or uninspiring act of doing so can be deflating. As a new plan or project gets underway, will it bring the relief or inspiration you need? Prepare to see reassuring signs that you're not simply 'going through the motions' once again!
Before leaving your relationship sector today, the Moon will form a friendly aspect to Mars in your friendship sector, something they have done every four weeks since they first came together in July. This is the last time they will come together like this while Mars is in retrograde motion and while this is a good day for friendship and relationship building it is especially good for catching up with old friends or making up for lost time. This is also a good day for financial matters on the home front or individually.
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