Daily Horoscope


01 October Capricorn Daily Horoscope
The focus given to career-related progress recently may have convinced you that other areas of your world would take care of themselves. But today's Full Moon influences your emotional foundations, roots, and home or family. Each could act as reminders of where priorities may have become skewed recently. If nothing else, allow your abode to be a place to pursue pleasurable pastimes and not somewhere to work in front of a computer, laptop, or tablet for endless hours.
Saturn, in his early days in direct motion in Capricorn is under pressure from Mars, who even in retrograde motion wants things to happen yesterday. This might create some pressure in different areas of your chart but as Saturn tends to take corners far too slowly and Mars far too fast, a feeling of frustration can be used to find a happy middle ground. There will be situations where you do need a bit of a push but other situations where you need to be patient. The biggest challenge today will be working out which it is.
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