Runic Loving Cup

Pick Your Runes

Improve your love life with runes.

A Runic Loving Cup is a powerful cast that can help to see if there are any challenges that you can overcome and what you can do to improve your relationship.

This ancient reading is based on the Elder Futhark, the oldest runic alphabet.

This 9-rune reading can help improve your relationship. Explore your challenges, desires, current state, and outcomes.

What aspects does it cover?

  • Your future outcome
  • Your Partner’s Future Outcome
  • Your Challenges
  • Your Partner’s Challenges
  • Your Desires
  • Your Partner’s Desires
  • Nature of Your Issue
  • Your Partner’s Current Position
  • The Current State
Runic Loving Cup
9 Runes
Reading Rating
Very High
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Male Female

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Hi all, I’m Eugenia.
I enjoy writing horoscopes and hope that my articles on this website are helpful and insightful! Today, I am inviting you to get a deeper insight into your future through rune casting. You will be surprised by what revelations you can get through these ancient Odin's runes as rune reading is much older and more spiritually loaded than tarot or oracle cards.

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