Think you know everything about your zodiac sign? We bet you don’t! Leos are not only self-assured, Capricorns are not just hard-working, and Libra people are not merely balanced. Much more is hidden beyond the smooth surface of well-known zodiac features – uncover the secrets of your nature!

Scorpios seem to be wearing the armor of anger and pride to defend themselves from the outside world. While being truly scary in anger, Scorpios are very protective and give higher priority to the needs of the people they love. Your vulnerable nature, swift to take offense, stands in your way of showing your bright personality.

Famous for their mysteriousness, Scorpios often have secret hobbies. Unless you let your guard down, people won’t know that you are a knitting guru or an excellent archer. Scorpios also have a soft spot for music. Who knows, bathroom singing may be your secret hobby.

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