Astrology is an amazing tool to get a better understanding of yourself. By exploring the position of the stars at the moment of your birth, you can peer into your unique cosmology—including your ideal friendships. Read on to find your ideal best friend according to astrology and find out why your bond is so strong!

Sagittarius, you’re the last fire sign of the Zodiac. You value adventures above all things and are ready to travel many, many miles to explore new places and new people. You are philosophical and sometimes tend to overthink. As a true entertainer of the Zodiac, you love telling stories.

Leo and Aries build strong bonds with Sagittarians: fire signs work fine together, adding more passion to the combination. Air is also very important for fire – that’s why Libra can make a good friend for Sagittarius natives. If you need a friend to go on an adventure with, Libra is perfect for you.

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