Sometimes it seems that the whole world is against us and no one can help. However, we can help ourselves but only if we know the right words! Every zodiac sign wants and needs different things and our task is to help you find the right words that will boost your motivation immensely!

Gemini representatives always have many things to do and it sometimes becomes too hard for them to concentrate and stay calm and peaceful. You have so many thoughts in your head that it’s extremely difficult for you to listen to your inner voice and realize what you want and need. Your task is to learn to focus on things.

To achieve visible results, learn the following affirmation: “If I concentrate on one thing at a time and stay patient enough to finish things I’ve started before, I will feel calm and gain the energy I need.” It may also sound like “As I can find peace inside myself and don’t pay too much attention to the whirl of activity around me I will achieve much more.”

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