Every zodiac sign has a weak spot for a certain thing. Some are addicted to chocolate and sweets, some crave for adrenaline, some can’t say no to a party, while others get fixated on cleaning. Select your sign and learn what your most likely addiction is!

Taurus has a very strong inkling towards sensory pleasure, like smell, taste, and touch. This makes them one of the biggest foodies of all the zodiacs. They love their food and get a real kick out of eating. You cannot call Taurus a picky eater, they will enjoy junk food as well as high cuisine. They do not eat to be alive, they live to eat.

With food addiction becoming more of a mainstream problem, what differentiates Taurus from a typical foodaholic is that they do not mindlessly munch on whatever they find in the fridge, but experience great delight in savoring their meal. Taurus often make great cooks, but their obsession can add quite a few pounds to their physique.

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