They’re soppy and full of questionable love lessons but we love them anyway. They can transport you from the dull reality into the world full of magic, laughter, love, tired cliches, and stupid pick up lines. They’re rom-coms and they deserve your attention this Valentine’s Day – check out the movie for your Zodiac sign!

It’s rare for practicality to appear in rom-coms, but this Virgo-esque trait is hard to miss in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. This movie is unusual for its genre: teen-focused, it creates a passionate love story using such surprising components as analytical mind, intelligence, and ability to plan beforehand.

In this movie, the main heroine agrees to date Noah Centineo’s character to make his girlfriend jealous – but in order to protect her heart from being broken, she prepares a contract. Of course, the contract doesn’t really help and the characters eventually start feeling something for each other…

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