They’re soppy and full of questionable love lessons but we love them anyway. They can transport you from the dull reality into the world full of magic, laughter, love, tired cliches, and stupid pick up lines. They’re rom-coms and they deserve your attention this Valentine’s Day – check out the movie for your Zodiac sign!

Some Gemini natives may be a bit too intelligent to enjoy rom-coms with their cheesiness but sometimes it’s necessary to relax and watch something dumb and funny. Your perfect movie this year is She’s The Man (2006) that truly brings the Gemini energy to the soppy, magical world of romantic comedies.

Posing as her brother, Amanda, the main heroine of the story, takes his place to play soccer and then suddenly falls in love (what did you expect? It’s a rom-com!) with her roommate, played by Channing Tatum. This tests her ability to adapt and urges her to use her humor and intelligence – truly Gemini qualities!

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