Every sign has their own quirk – or the thing they can get away with because people around them love them. And those things can vary quite wildly by sign. Some Zodiac signs can get away with bowing out of any kind of social activities. Some can get away with saying whatever they want. So, what is your sign’s quirk?

Libra native, admit it, you love to keep score. You need reciprocity although you’re very giving. If someone doesn’t treat you fairly, you won’t tolerate it – you’ll fuss and fight (and usually you do it behind the person’s back). But your friends understand you and let you do it.

Sometimes your friends even help you plot strategies because they know how hard it is for you to confront the issue head on. An Aries native would just let the issue hang on, but you need to think things over before you act. And once you do, no one can be a better diplomat than you, Libra.

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