You’ve probably heard about chakras before but did you know that each sign has their own? The 7 chakras in your body are strong energy centers that start at the top of your head and end at the bottom of your spine. Read on to learn more about your power chakra and find out why it is associated with YOUR sign!

You’re the humanitarian of the Zodiac, Aquarius, and one of the most outgoing and nice to deal with signs. You are open-minded and never fail to boost the morale of others. That positive feeling you exude is something that determines your dominant energy point: the Heart Chakra, also knows as Anahata.

This powerful point is located in the very center of your chest and governs various systems in your body, including immune, cardiopulmonary, and circulatory. The chakra’s gemstones are prehnite, quartz, and olivine. Place them on your table if you need to feel protected from negative vibes.

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