Aura is an invisible electromagnetic field that surrounds you. Spiritual astrologers pay great attention to its color as it reflects the flow of your inner vital energy. Though it may get more or less intense throughout the course of life, its hue highly depends on your zodiac sign, or to be more precise, on the power that each member of the zodiac sign holds. Find out what color your aura is and how to intensify it to use the power of your sign to the fullest.

With their heads in the clouds, Aquarius people may fail to notice something important happening around them. What will happen if…? What should I do if…? Their attention is usually drawn to their potential and conditional future. Too many if-s dye their aura turquoise with shades of pale aqua.

Royal blue that is often found in the outer bands of their aura signifies that these people tend to choose the needs of other people over their own ones. Eccentric in nature, Aquarius reps are loyal and trustworthy friends. Lots of sunshine nourishes their aura and helps them adapt to new situations faster and easier.

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