Nagging thoughts won’t leave you alone. “What if..?”, you ask yourself for the hundredth time, bite your nails and pace the room. From a legitimate concern of trying to remember whether you have unplugged your iron to a fear of an obscure chance of getting abducted by the aliens, we all have something that is eating at us. Learn what keeps each zodiac sign awake at night.

Organized Taurus likes stability and finds comfort in things happening in accordance with a structured plan and schedule. When something unexpected happens, it pulls the rug from under their feet, and they stand helpless and confused. Taurus finds it hard to quickly adjust to the new factors, they feel they are losing control over the situation, start feeling uneasy and panic.

Our everyday life is full of many unknown variables, and it is impossible to predict what each new turn will bring. Taurus needs to learn to be more agile and nimble, and they should do not latch onto plans that may change. That will not only bring them inner peace but will also skyrocket their productivity.

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