Nagging thoughts won’t leave you alone. “What if..?”, you ask yourself for the hundredth time, bite your nails and pace the room. From a legitimate concern of trying to remember whether you have unplugged your iron to a fear of an obscure chance of getting abducted by the aliens, we all have something that is eating at us. Learn what keeps each zodiac sign awake at night.

Some people can really drive Scorpio up the wall. Having to deal with stupidity and arrogance rubs them the wrong way. When somebody cuts in line, is rude to them in the office or at the restaurant, cuts them off in traffic etc., Scorpio loses heart. They may hide their emotions behind a plastic smile, but in reality, they would be just a few steps away from a meltdown.

This inner tension builds up and takes a form of anxiety. When dealing with difficult people, Scorpio may want to use the little trick of giving “mental hugs”: trying to empathize with this rude person, and realize that they’re angry, or scared, or having a bad day. And so, you mentally (and from time to time, physically) give them a hug.

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