Nagging thoughts won’t leave you alone. “What if..?”, you ask yourself for the hundredth time, bite your nails and pace the room. From a legitimate concern of trying to remember whether you have unplugged your iron to a fear of an obscure chance of getting abducted by the aliens, we all have something that is eating at us. Learn what keeps each zodiac sign awake at night.

Sagittarius radiates positive energy, good vibes, and optimism. Genuine smiles and bursts of laughter seem to accompany Sagittarius. They have a strong immune system against anxiety, but they start feeling ill at ease when those beams of happiness die out in the surrounding gloom and doom.

When surrounded by negative-thinking people and naysayers, Sagittarius feels trapped. They soon succumb to stress and depression. It might be an idea to surround yourself with similarly cheerful people to bring this bursting energy back.

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