Nagging thoughts won’t leave you alone. “What if..?”, you ask yourself for the hundredth time, bite your nails and pace the room. From a legitimate concern of trying to remember whether you have unplugged your iron to a fear of an obscure chance of getting abducted by the aliens, we all have something that is eating at us. Learn what keeps each zodiac sign awake at night.

It seems that Leo ooze confidence and they do not strike as the type that blushes easily. Yet they do worry they might embarrass themselves in public – the opinion of others is crucial to them and they are afraid they can accidentally make a fool out of themselves. They just have to shine, otherwise, it’s a disaster.

They may hide this fear fairly well, but the scary thought of making a blooper will still be gnawing at them. Leo needs to understand that everybody can have their “off day”, learn how to shrug their shoulders in style and play it cool no matter what.

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