People often forget that they’re a part of nature and can be healed, supported, inspired, and motivated by its powers. It’s time to learn what plants and herbs give power to you and your zodiac sign! Turn your garden into a place where you can find peace and harmony!
The planetary ruler of your sign is Mars, and the plants that people associate with this planet are in most cases covered with prickles and thorns. Generally, they are of red color and taste bitter or spicy. Aries is responsible for the head, especially face and eyes; it means that Aries plants should be able to clean your blood vessels and help adrenal glands function better.

Among fruits and veggies, Aries should opt for red pepper, radishes, chives, leeks, mustard, garlic, onion, and Chinese cabbage. When choosing flowers for your garden, think of red roses, calendula, tulips, tiger lilies, geranium, and poppies. The perfect herbs for your zodiac sign include red clover, hops, ginger, coriander, gentian, nettles, and yellow dock.

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