Life is not always kind to us. Haters, critics, our own vulnerability, lack of confidence, time, etc. can take the wind out from our sails. Unfortunately, there may be no one around to provide support or a much-needed kick up the rear to keep us going. Then, we need to remember a mantra – a timeless piece of advice that can encourage us to overcome difficulties. Find yours in this horoscope!

Virgo is known for their honesty and discipline. The standards you judge others by are very high and the ones you apply to yourself are unimaginable. You are your own severe critic and demanding boss. It is not a bad thing to stay true to your standards and ideals unless it stresses you out.

Remember: you can’t expect more of yourself than you do of others. You are only human, so allow yourself a little chance to err, a little freedom to hesitate, and a little room to fumble for the right decision. Be the perfectionist you enjoy to be but never forget to give yourself credit for the achievements you make.

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