Life is not always kind to us. Haters, critics, our own vulnerability, lack of confidence, time, etc. can take the wind out from our sails. Unfortunately, there may be no one around to provide support or a much-needed kick up the rear to keep us going. Then, we need to remember a mantra – a timeless piece of advice that can encourage us to overcome difficulties. Find yours in this horoscope!

Libra is the wisdom of the Zodiac. Your balanced personality and surprisingly on-point advice help people solve their problems, settle arguments, and reconcile with unconquerable difficulties. But you often tend to keep your wise thoughts to yourself, wondering: “Who on Earth needs advice from someone like me?” <

The answer is: everyone! Never forget that you were born with the power to make and help to make life-changing decisions. People eagerly listen to you because they know that a few words from you can help them solve dozens of problems. Just allow yourself to believe that your advice is worth a lot!

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