The most important thing is what YOU think about yourself but like many others, you are probably curious about what others think about you. Based on your sign, you can be seen as kind, warm, supportive – or cold, aggressive, and distant. Read on to find out how people ACTUALLY see you, according to astrology!

People view you as someone they can rely on: you are seen as an irresistible force. They trust you to be their leader because you’re decisive and famous for your realism. When they need someone with a cold head in case of a crisis, they immediately think about you. Your will power is astonishing.

Unloading their own problems on you may feel too tempting for some people. Others dislike you because they find you somewhat stubborn; they also may be scared of how emotionally strong you are. Everyone thinks that it’s impossible to distract you from your goals – so you may be too serious for some people.

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