From April 19 to May 20 the Sun will stay in Taurus, which means the time of reflection has replaced the time of quick action. People feel the urge to slow down a bit, review what has been done before and probably make new plans. What will this period bring to representatives of every sign? Find out what to expect!

The Sun travels to your 12th House of Dreams and Imagination and it predetermines your behavior for the whole time period. To feel completely satisfied with your life you need to make your social life less hectic sparing more attention to your inner self. Pay more attention to the spiritual part of your life.

Your own astrological cycle is coming to an end now, which means you’d better have enough rest. This simple thing will do good to both your body and mind; just don’t forget about your wildest dreams and make sure you take into account your feelings and intuition when making important decisions.

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