From April 19 to May 20 the Sun will stay in Taurus, which means the time of reflection has replaced the time of quick action. People feel the urge to slow down a bit, review what has been done before and probably make new plans. What will this period bring to representatives of every sign? Find out what to expect!

For you, the month will be ruled by the Sun in your 5th House of Romance and Entertainment. Use the time to have as much fun as possible – spend more time outdoors if it’s achievable, call your old and new friends and don’t be afraid of being a little childish. Or just get a fun book to read!

Being cheerful will help you open new perspectives you haven’t even thought about before. Your inspiration will flourish and you will finally be able to achieve your long-delayed goals. This is the time of love and romance, too – organize an unexpected date for your partner or at least do something that will please him or her.

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