What do you feel like when you fall in love? Is your heart throbbing, are you groggy or are you trying to stay in denial of this new state of mind for as long as it can possibly be done? The answer is hidden in your Zodiac sign! Another worthy piece of insight this new horoscope offers is how to find out someone is in love with YOU based on their sign! So, why wait any longer?

Cancer natives are true romantics at heart. When in love, they will shower their object of interest with flowers, chocolate, untrivial dating ideas. Don’t be surprised to receive a poem on a scented vintage piece of paper or to hear a serenade under your window. Infatuated Cancer’s imagination runs riot.

Cancers are serious about their family – when other signs are fooling around, they are busy planning their wedding and picking names for children. They often select a partner from their tight circle of friends and love spending cozy time cuddling together at home. Very sensitive, their emotions need to be respected.

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