Relationships often end in conflicts. However, if you have kids or mutual friends, you would like to avoid parceling and to stay connected. Luckily, knowing your ex’s Zodiac sign will help you reduce the post-breakup bitterness. Choose your former partner’s sign to find out how you can stay on friendly terms!

Virgo reps can be overcritical at times, and many people make a huge mistake taking such behavior too personally. Remember they don’t want to criticize you so much, it’s just a part of their nature and they may do it to anyone, especially themselves. Once you realize it your relationship with your Virgo ex will become much warmer.

The best communication pattern for the two of you is avoiding the temptations that can challenge your ex’s critiques. If you see that you Virgo ex-partner is too critical for no reason ask this person more questions to find out why he or she behaves like this. It will make him or her think deeper about the opinions and decisions taken.

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