So, you got a secret and a desperate need to confide in someone? You’d better hold your tongue until you read this horoscope! Not all signs are equally good at keeping confidence; moreover, they have different reasons for spilling the beans – from kind-heartedness to spite. Learn more about each sign – and yours!

Honesty is one of your life principles, which makes keeping secrets one of the hardest jobs for you, Taurus. But if someone confides in you, you will keep a lid on what you’ve been told. You prize privacy as high as honesty, this is why you will neither blab others’ secrets out nor share your own too eagerly.

Whether it will be easy or too hard to keep someone else’s secret for you… well, that depends upon the secret itself. If it is a surprise party – you’ll be tight as a clam. But if you find out our friend’s spouse is cheating on them, the dilemma of whether you should step in and tell or keep quiet and let them sort it out on their own will keep you restless at night.

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