So, you got a secret and a desperate need to confide in someone? You’d better hold your tongue until you read this horoscope! Not all signs are equally good at keeping confidence; moreover, they have different reasons for spilling the beans – from kind-heartedness to spite. Learn more about each sign – and yours!

Scorpios are sure that private matters are called private for a good reason, this is why they never speak with anyone about theirs. However, it does not mean that they are good at keeping other people’s secrets – after all, the secrets are theirs, not yours, so why should you be the keeper?

More specifically, you are certain to refuse to honor the confidentiality of information that is at odds with your moral principles. There is one more fact about you and secrets, and it is weird but true: the more you tend to open up the fewer secrets people tend to ask you to keep. You’ll still keep yours, though, quite a few of them.

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