So, you got a secret and a desperate need to confide in someone? You’d better hold your tongue until you read this horoscope! Not all signs are equally good at keeping confidence; moreover, they have different reasons for spilling the beans – from kind-heartedness to spite. Learn more about each sign – and yours!

You are a fairly reserved personality, so keeping secrets, no matter if they are yours or other people’s, is not particularly difficult for you. You actually feel the weight of the word “honor” in “honoring confidence”. The only possible reason for you spilling a secret out can be a crisis resolution.

Professional secrets are just as important for you as personal private matters. However, if you feel that the information that’s being concealed can help to avoid a problem at work, you will speak out. Another thing is that you may not give it out in full – only the bit that will help to save the situation.

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