In astrology, love and karma are two things that are tightly intertwined, which is a reasonable explanation of why we all have a different perception of an ideal relationship. Unresolved karma can lead to challenges in love and family life. Choose your sign to find out what your karmic love lesson is.

What do Sagittarius representatives think of changes? A rolling stone gathers no moss. It’s a hell of a task for these Zodiac Archers to still their wandering eye. Very often they end up surrendering to their true selves and start playing around, which can be fatal for their relationship.

However, as one of the most honest members of the Zodiac family, Sagittarius representatives are highly likely to unburden themselves and confess to the affair. Therefore, their karmic love lesson is to decide if they want to build a strong and long-term relationship or become a serial cheater.

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