Some relationships just don’t work. No matter how hard you try, they leave you with your heart broken, your feelings hurt, and time wasted. So, to avoid these romantic disasters, it’s time to learn which signs you are not compatible with — make your love life more about love and less about pain!

Avoid dating Libras, Taurus, and Cancer. What can possibly go wrong when dating a Libra? A lot of things, actually: because to maintain a healthy relationship you need mutual respect which may be quite difficult to have. Libras tend to be selfish, and two selfish people together… Well, that’s not ideal.

Taureans and Libras struggle to get along because they’re the opposite signs. A passionate relationship is possible but in this case, it may be a bad thing. If you want to date a Cancer, don’t. You’re both too emotional in completely different ways, so this relationship can get explosive – and you won’t like it.

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