For kids, making friends is one of the easiest things in the world – they simply approach a boy or a girl who seems to be nice and say: “Hi, let’s be friends!” For the grownups, this trick doesn’t work and we have to invent special methods of befriending those we like. How to do it depending on the sign of the person? Get the answer below!

Despite the well-known Scorpio image, this sign appreciates innocence and naivety. Scorpios love it immensely if you play the role of their victim as in this case they can shock you and corrupt you bringing you to their dark side. Become one of Scorpio’s muses first before becoming one of their friends!

During the second part of your “becoming closer” process, Scorpios start acting as mentors and attract you to be a part of their company that is not actually so friendly. In fact, being a Scorpio’s friend may be easier than you used to think. However, ask yourself first – do you really want it?

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