For kids, making friends is one of the easiest things in the world – they simply approach a boy or a girl who seems to be nice and say: “Hi, let’s be friends!” For the grownups, this trick doesn’t work and we have to invent special methods of befriending those we like. How to do it depending on the sign of the person? Get the answer below!

Sagittarius is probably the most easygoing zodiac sign, which means they hate geeks and nuisances. If such a person sees you’re constantly stressed and depressed he or she will hardly be eager to have anything to do with you preferring to spend time with more carefree friends. So before befriending a Sagittarian first ask yourself if such a friend will be your soulmate.

Camping weekends can become a good idea for those who want to befriend a Sagittarius native. Don’t be afraid of small inconveniences and lack of comfortable apartments – wild nature will perfectly compensate for it and your potential Sagittarius friend will be happy to see how active and loyal you can be!

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