For kids, making friends is one of the easiest things in the world – they simply approach a boy or a girl who seems to be nice and say: “Hi, let’s be friends!” For the grownups, this trick doesn’t work and we have to invent special methods of befriending those we like. How to do it depending on the sign of the person? Get the answer below!

Gemini people are all about mystery, so if you want to make friends with them try to be more spontaneous and don’t be dull in your behavior and your conversations. Lack of imagination may scare them away, so when talking to them share one of your secrets with him or her – but not a too personal one.

Besides, Gemini natives love those who like to learn, so try to raise your IQ reading more and getting more useful information from other sources. Nothing is more appreciated by a Gemini representative than communicating to somebody who is just as smart as he or she is (or even smarter). Study more to impress your potential Gemini friend!

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