For kids, making friends is one of the easiest things in the world – they simply approach a boy or a girl who seems to be nice and say: “Hi, let’s be friends!” For the grownups, this trick doesn’t work and we have to invent special methods of befriending those we like. How to do it depending on the sign of the person? Get the answer below!

When dealing with Aquarius people, the most valuable piece of advice is to be friendly but not pushy or aggressive. Their intuition helps them to see if the friendship between them and other people is possible or not. Besides, they know exactly what they can and can’t bear so make sure you comply with all these rules.

Aquarians will give you a sign when they see they can treat you as a friend. An Aquarius person can help you clean your apartment, babysit your dog, or accompany you to the doctor. These signs are simple yet doubtless and will show you if you’re on the right track to becoming a little bit closer to the person you’re eager to make friends with.

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