Each part of your body is governed by particular Zodiac signs, meaning we have the energy of every single sign in our bodies. When a certain body part is facing an illness, you can use your energies to try and heal it. Read on to find out how to channel your energies and use the power of the Zodiac!

This sign governs the stomach and digestive system. This sign’s element is earth, making its energies grounded and peaceful. Its energy is all about helping stay motivated and be unafraid to face challenges. Virgo is very intelligent and never fails to notice smaller details and analyze them.

When the energies of this sign are imbalanced, it may result in problems with the digestive system, eating disorders, obsessive behavior, stubbornness, and anxiety. To balance the energies, you need to get rid of repetitive thoughts and clear your mind with the use of meditation, yoga, or creative exercises. Get your complete soul profile.

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