Let’s face it: we cannot stay young forever. We all get older but it doesn’t necessarily need to be bad: being old means being experienced, sometimes wise, sometimes cool, and with a lot of free time. Astrology can give you a couple of hints on how cool you will be when you’re old: read on to find out if your sign is one of those who only get better with age!

Cancerians often feel overwhelmed with the reality – being an adult just feels like rocket science to them. These gentle, kind souls may be shocked by how cruel our world really is and trying to make it a better place may feel like a hopeless task to them. In short, they’re kinda bad at being adults.

To many Cancerians, it can be difficult to be nice and compassionate when everyone is so harsh, heartless, and cruel. Some Cancerians move forward and try to make their communities a little better (and some end up making an incredible difference), but most of them just give up their efforts.

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