2021 is all set with good vibes to bring positive changes to all the signs. Learn more about personal opportunities and limitations the year has in store for your sign.

There are no major planetary influences over your life this year, Leo, so you may feel that you don’t have enough strength to change the course of events. Early in February, expect several pleasant surprises.

There are three periods of the sign of Leo:

the first period (July 23 – August 1), the second period (August 2 – August 12), and the third period (August 13 – August 22). For those Leo natives who were born in the first period, it’s important to keep optimism throughout the year. Face every issue with a smile on your face! Those born in the second period will be closer to their family than usual. Leos born in the third period will have to seek balance. Try to avoid excesses.

From July to October is the most productive period for you. You’re predicted to have more energy and optimism here.

Personal opportunities

The most positive period of the year starts in July and gives you enough strength to complete your projects. Make sure to use these months to your advantage and set sights a bit higher. A major growth phase is expected to start in August and end in late October: spend this period polishing your skills.

Personal limitations

You are advised to pay more attention to planning in the year ahead because poor planning and a lack of time management skills can cause a couple of serious problems. Try using a to-do list app.

Leo men

For Leos, it’s important to stay at the center of attention, but this year, avoid being too eccentric. Misunderstandings between you and your partner are very likely this year, and the best cure for them is a frank talk about your feelings. You’re predicted to spend a lot of time analyzing your character and the way you act when you’re together with your partner. You may become aware of some habits of yours you need to get rid of for the sake of your relationship. For example, you may find out that you often neglect your partner’s opinions or make them feel ignored in some way or another.

Regarding your career, you will prove that your will is made of stone. Your talents will shine. You’re likely to take risks in the first half of the year – trust your intuition.

Leo women

Regarding romance, you’re predicted to look for your soul mate, if you’re single. If you’re involved in a romantic relationship, you will spend more time with your partner and do your best to make them happy. You will focus on pleasant little moments: cuddling under a blanket or watching a movie together. In the sphere of career, you will have to work in a new team and update your skills.

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