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Horoscope 2021

2021 is all set with good vibes to bring positive changes to all the signs. Learn more about personal opportunities and limitations the year has in store for your sign.
By Eugenia Sep 07, 2021


Mar. 21 - Apr. 19

Rejoice, Aries: this year will be full of new opportunities and unique chances to change your life for the better. However, you should be ready to make many important decisions. Analyze every situation scrupulously and don’t rush things (we know that rushing things is the favorite pastime activity of any Aries, but this year, you’d better refrain from doing this).

There are three periods of the sign of Aries:

  • the first period (March 21 – March 31), the second period (April 1 – April 10), and the third period (April 11 – April 20). If you were born during the first period, you will show your leadership abilities in the year ahead. You will be more confident than ever. You will solve any problem like a boss and may even surprise those who know you. You won’t be afraid of anything; the year will be marked by these three keywords: courage, leadership, and confidence.
  • If you were born during the second period (April 1 – April 10), you are predicted to be full of energy and creativity throughout the whole year. Some Aries natives will start drawing or writing this year – and there’s a high chance you will create a masterpiece!
  • If you were born during the third period (April 11 – April 20), you will be bold, courageous, and ready for action in the year ahead. This is a year of adventures and journeys for you, Aries!

Personal Opportunities

There will be two New Moons in Aries (March 21 and April 19), and these astronomical events are associated with new beginnings in your life. You may move to a new place, change your career path, or start a spiritual quest. Your relationships with your family and friends will be brought to a new level. Professional relationships will develop as well.

Personal Limitations

Responsibilities will enter your family life but some of them will go away in March due to your newly acquired ability to deal with them most efficiently. Your home equipment may need modernization in April.

Aries men

At the beginning of the year, your financial life is prosperous. Be careful, though, as the wind is turning, and changing your plans and reviewing your finances may be necessary. Be ready for lots of financial discussions.

Aries women

This year, it will be very important to find a balance between work and your personal life. You work too hard, don’t you think? In your love life, you will be more relaxed as well, allowing your partner to take care of you. You will give a little more freedom to your partner – and they will appreciate this gesture.


Apr. 20 - May. 20

For you, Taurean, this is the perfect year to set a personal goal, but you should be ready for it to take much time to be achieved. If you’re working on bettering yourself or polishing your skills, this year a lot of planets will help you with that through their powerful vibes. 

There are three periods of the sign of Taurus:

  • the first period (April 21 – April 30), the second period (May 1 – May 10), and the third period (May 11 – May 20). Taureans born in the first period have a passionate and possessive nature, and this will help them tremendously this year. They will easily overcome any obstacle and have a year full of adventures.
  • Taureans born in the second period (May 1 – May 10) will be ambitious this year. Achieving their goals will be their priority. They will prove that their will is made of iron.
  • Taureans born in the third period (May 11 – May 20) will have minor difficulties in the sphere of communication. Be patient with your friends and family and do your best to avoid misunderstandings.

For Taureans, this is the year when their hard work finally pays off. Put the most effort in the first part of the year to reap a handsome reward by September. Expect changes in your financial area from April to June.

Personal Opportunities

This year, it’s important to work together with a support group – this will allow you to achieve your goals easier. In May, a new direction beckons. In the first half of the year, you will feel that you’re full of energy.

Personal Limitations

Expect some limitations as well: you will have to budget well and learn how to handle your finances in a more efficient way. Spending wisely from March 5 to April 3 is essential. Be careful with your financial decisions during this period. You will probably have to lay down some goals of yours.

Taurus Men

This year, you will finally have an opportunity to be recognized for your qualities, to prove who you really are, and to overcome everything that stands between you and success. Regarding your love life, you will be extra protective this year, doing everything possible to protect and please your significant other.

Taurus Women

You and your partner will feel closer to each other than ever as your partner tells you not to be afraid of sharing your thoughts and fantasies, no matter how wild they are. Spend more time with your partner – this year it is more important than ever. In October, you may feel a bit bored with your friends or your work but this won’t last. A pleasant surprise will happen, making you feel more energetic and inspired than ever.


May. 21 - Jun. 20

The year ahead will bring changes in various spheres of your life, Gemini native.

There are three periods of the sign of Gemini:

the first (May 21 – June 1), the second (June 2 – June 11), and the third (June 12 – June 21). Those born late will seek change in January and find unique career opportunities. From mid-May to June will be their time to shine. Those born in the first period should expect a lot of success in their marriage and relationship. Gemini natives born in the second period will be especially ambitious this year. They will be focused on the development of their social and professional connections.

Personal Opportunities

Due to Venus and her powerful influences, your life will be full of opportunities this year. Expect positive changes in relationships, career, and family life.

Personal Limitations

At the same time, Venus may influence your finances negatively. Handle your money with care and be sure not to overspend from April to May. Be ready to make important financial decisions in the first half of the year. Even though money will be a prominent issue, a handsome financial reward is headed your way in July.

Gemini Men

Analyzing your situation carefully is vital this year. Be yourself but don’t make any impulsive decisions and try being as patient as possible with your loved ones. This year, you’re more creative and enthusiastic than ever. It seems that there’s nothing you can’t do. Expect doubts and stress throughout the year but don’t worry: when the time comes, you will overcome every obstacle that dares to stand between you and success. Regarding your love life, your partner will notice how you change for the better: you become more protective, caring, and passionate. This will make them think about the future of your relationship.

Gemini Women

This year, you will be vulnerable. Many will notice that you’re aggressive with those who do not agree with you or refuse to follow your instructions. Do your best to be patient with friends and colleagues, because throwing yourself into a fit of rage is not really healthy. To relieve your stress, try breathing exercises, or just spend more time outside if it’s possible. Your financial situation will give you a couple of reasons to worry; ask your family for moral support. There will be lots of opportunities this year – don't miss them. Speaking about your love life, you will find someone who will reassure you. If you’re single at the moment, you may feel tempted to run for some of your exes.


Jun. 21 - Jul. 22

Cancerian, you may feel that your life is held up by delays and all sorts of hiccups until early March. Do your best to stay optimistic, though, and try to view January and February as a test of your character and will. From March to September, planetary influences will assist you in your attempts to better yourself and polish your skills.

The sign of Cancer is divided into three periods:

the first period (June 22 – July 1), the second period (July 2 – July 11), and the third period (July 12 – July 22). Those Cancerians who were born in the first period are predicted to be characterized by a lack of focus this year. Cancer natives born in the second period will be relatively successful in business and financial matters. Those born in the third period will prove to be ambitious and strong this year.

Due to the presence of Saturn in the sign of Cancer, there will be a higher level of responsibility this year. These responsibilities don’t have to be negative for you, though: it may mean a higher position at work. Some Cancerians will have to learn important lessons this year regarding their mental health.

Personal Opportunities

Cancerians will face up to their obligations this year. You will be committed to your long-term goals and nothing will be able to stop you from achieving what you want to achieve. A decision made from January 15 to February 2 may influence the whole year.

Personal Limitations

You may find yourself questioning your skills. Finding faults in whatever you do is not in your best interests, so try to avoid being too harsh on yourself.

Cancer men

This year, you will find yourself caring about what you say more than usual because you don’t want to hurt your loved ones. Speaking about your love life, your partner will support you in everything you do. They will help you develop and move forward. If you’re single, you will date several people this year trying to find your one and only.

Being controlled by others is something you need to avoid at all costs this year, so do your best to make your personality stronger and more independent. Make sure you have enough freedom to follow your goals and ambitions.

Cancer women

You will strive for something new in life because your current situation no longer satisfies you. Regarding your love life, your partner may find you a bit detached and maybe even depressed at times. They will do their best to support you and make you feel loved. You’re predicted to face problems expressing your thoughts and emotions.


Jul. 23 - Aug. 22

There are no major planetary influences over your life this year, Leo, so you may feel that you don’t have enough strength to change the course of events. Early in February, expect several pleasant surprises.

There are three periods of the sign of Leo:

the first period (July 23 – August 1), the second period (August 2 – August 12), and the third period (August 13 – August 22). For those Leo natives who were born in the first period, it’s important to keep optimism throughout the year. Face every issue with a smile on your face! Those born in the second period will be closer to their family than usual. Leos born in the third period will have to seek balance. Try to avoid excesses.

From July to October is the most productive period for you. You’re predicted to have more energy and optimism here.

Personal opportunities

The most positive period of the year starts in July and gives you enough strength to complete your projects. Make sure to use these months to your advantage and set sights a bit higher. A major growth phase is expected to start in August and end in late October: spend this period polishing your skills.

Personal limitations

You are advised to pay more attention to planning in the year ahead because poor planning and a lack of time management skills can cause a couple of serious problems. Try using a to-do list app.

Leo men

For Leos, it’s important to stay at the center of attention, but this year, avoid being too eccentric. Misunderstandings between you and your partner are very likely this year, and the best cure for them is a frank talk about your feelings. You’re predicted to spend a lot of time analyzing your character and the way you act when you’re together with your partner. You may become aware of some habits of yours you need to get rid of for the sake of your relationship. For example, you may find out that you often neglect your partner’s opinions or make them feel ignored in some way or another.

Regarding your career, you will prove that your will is made of stone. Your talents will shine. You’re likely to take risks in the first half of the year – trust your intuition.

Leo women

Regarding romance, you’re predicted to look for your soul mate, if you’re single. If you’re involved in a romantic relationship, you will spend more time with your partner and do your best to make them happy. You will focus on pleasant little moments: cuddling under a blanket or watching a movie together. In the sphere of career, you will have to work in a new team and update your skills.


Aug. 23 - Sep. 22

Good news, Virgo: this year has everything needed for it to be special. Partnerships and relationships will blossom. Change in the area of career and business contacts has already started and will continue this year.

There are three periods of the sign of Virgo:

the first period (August 23 – September 3), the second period (September 4 – September 13), and the third period (September 14 – September 23). Those born during the first period are predicted to do something very important – something that other people refuse to do. Those born in the second period may surprise their friends with their inventive talents. Those Virgo natives who were born in the last period are likely to seek for perfection in every sphere of their life: relationship, career, family.

This is a very positive year for marriage and unions. Many Virgo natives are predicted to become parents or at least share some beautiful and unique ideas of theirs with the world. From May to July is a wonderful period of growth and creativity.

Personal opportunities

The most important thing this year is to believe in yourself. Try to improve your attitude to life. Jupiter will send its powerful vibes your way, making it easier for you to stay optimistic no matter what happens. Expect luck in the middle of the year.

Personal limitations

Some Virgo natives may feel threatened by new people. This year, it’s very important to learn to stand up for yourself and find a way to stop feeling lessened by others.

Virgo men

In the year ahead, you’re likely to start questioning your approach to work: it may seem outdated to you because of how many obstacles you face. Take into account what others advise you to do. Do your best to upgrade your skills and learn to adapt to changes.

Your intuition is stronger this year than before which will allow you to use incoming possibilities to your advantage. You’re likely to meet someone who will help you realize how important criticism is in order to make progress.

Regarding your love life, misunderstandings with your partner are possible. He or she will be often impatient and maybe even annoyed. Make sure not to exclude them from your life and your personal development.

Virgo women

The first half of the year is marked by development. Some Virgo natives may go through a difficult breakup but they’re likely to recover quickly and become even stronger and convinced that it’s important to move on.

Regarding your career, you will earn the respect of your co-workers due to your great practical sense and almost supernatural intuition.


Sep. 23 - Oct. 23

Be ready for a very creative year, Libra native. Positive vibes are expected to enter your life and bring a lot of pleasant surprises.

The sign of Libra is divided into three periods:

the first period (September 23 – October 3), the second period (October 4 – October 13), and the third period (October 14 – October 23). Those born in the first period are expected to face many obstacles in their plans in the first quarter of the year. Those born in the second period are predicted to travel abroad or start learning a new language. Professional development is in focus this year. You’re likely to spend much time developing your professional skills. Those born in the third period are predicted to complete their projects and become closer to their family.

From April to early August is a good period for learning and broadening your horizons. In September, many opportunities will enter your life – make sure to use them. If possible, spend more time in the company of Gemini natives as their energy is highly positive for your life this year.

Personal opportunities

Due to positive planetary influences, working on your projects will feel much easier in August. You will be full of energy; use this month to achieve your goals. Venus will influence your life, making it easier for you to express your thoughts and feelings. Jupiter’s vibes will help you advance yourself professionally and spiritually.

Personal limitations

May is expected to be a pretty difficult month for you financially: try not to overspend. Budgeting is everything.

Libra men

This year, you’re predicted to pay more attention to spirituality and symbols. In the first half of the year, you’re likely to be guided by intuition – this will allow you to see more opportunities than usual. You’re also predicted to act on impulse; avoid making impulsive decisions in the sphere of finances. Planets will make your creativity stronger this year: use it at work and impress others with your ideas. Regarding your love life, you’re expected to face conflicts with your partner. You may even think of ending your current relationship. Be more honest and patient if you want to avoid a breakup.

Libra women

It’s important to work on your confidence this year, Libra native. Learn to believe in yourself and your talents – this will help you achieve your goals. Another important thing this year is to learn to say no. You spend too much time on others while often neglecting yourself. In romance, you’re predicted to face lots of tricky situations that will require your negotiation skills.


Oct. 24 - Nov. 22

The year is predicted to be important for you, Scorpio. You may become a part of a huge project – without you, there will be not enough creativity and energy to make it move.

There are three periods of the sign of Scorpio:

the first (October 24 – November 2), the second (November 3 – November 13), and the third (November 14 – November 22). Those born in the first period are predicted to be financially successful this year: expect a lot of opportunities. Those born in the second period may meet their soul mate in the year ahead. For those who were born in the third period, love life is expected to be very important. A lot of things will happen in this sphere.

To enhance benevolent energies that exist in your life this year, try working in a team. Your joint efforts will help you maintain harmony. Teamwork should be in focus, especially in September and October.

You’re also expected to spend more time with friends and indulge in fun activities like travel or discovering something new in May and June. In October, expect sudden changes in your romantic relationship.

Personal opportunities

This year, you’re supported in pretty much everything you do. The most productive period of the year is from February to June. Use it to your advantage and work on your most ambitious projects. In October, you’re predicted to feel fully in command of the situation.

Personal limitations

This year presents the perfect opportunity to let go of your past ways, habits, and maybe even worldviews. The longer you cling to the past, the harder it is to finally say goodbye. Broaden your horizons if you don’t want your life to stagnate. March is the month to leave old ways behind.

Scorpio men

Changing your life is possible this year but think carefully before acting. You will pay more attention to your appearance in the year ahead – you’re likely to have more energy to make your workout routine more challenging and stick to it religiously. In romance, you’re likely to spend more time with your partner doing your best to make them happy. If you’re single, you’re likely to engage in a stable relationship this year. In the sphere of career, you’re predicted to use all your assets to complete your projects.

Scorpio women

This year, your love is enough for everybody: you’re expected to be very attentive to the needs of your kids and very present for your husband. If they need your support, you will be there for them. In the sphere of career, you may need to take a long-distance business trip.


Nov. 23 - Dec. 21

This year, Sags should be ready for a pretty difficult period from June to October as your ruling planet Jupiter is predicted to send negative energies your way. Getting ahead during this period may be a hell of a job but you can minimize the damage by curtailing unnecessary activities. Ask yourself if your plans are really this important. Maybe some of them can be delayed?

There are three periods of the sign of Sagittarius:

the first period (November 23 – December 2), the second period (December 3 – December 12), and the third period (December 13 – December 21). Those born in the first period are likely to share their much-needed ideas with others this year and make a couple of important projects move forward. Those born in the second period may experience a very difficult year but due to their iron will, they’re likely to overcome all obstacles with relative ease. Those born in the third period may go abroad this year. Spiritual trips and discoveries are also very possible for you.

A group of new people may enter your life and make you feel more energetic. Be ready for the year to be pretty demanding, though. A significant change of direction may happen in early December.

Personal opportunities

Until early May, you’re likely to feel like your luck has abandoned you. Moving forward may feel impossible, but maybe you’re not supposed to move forward during this period? Try not to rush things and use this period for healing and rest. Focus on your health and polishing your skills. From late September, your luck is expected to come back and even become stronger.

Personal Limitations

Your life will go through a drastic change, and this change is predicted to be out of your control. From May 17 until June is a bad period for both finances and romantic relationships.

Sagittarius men

This year, you will do your best to make others understand and respect your choices. You will ask them to give you enough freedom to act as you see fit. You’re likely to face difficulties regarding time management: it will feel like time is going too fast. Not knowing where to start, you may often feel at a loss.

In the sphere of career, you’re likely to find your way towards success but be ready for lots of difficulties. If you’re evaluated against someone else for the position you’re hoping to get, you will win this fight.

Sagittarius women

You will be able to show others what you’re made of. You will show how enthusiastic you are and how ready you are to fight.

The beginning of the year may see financial problems, and your stress will reflect in the romantic life. Try to be more patient and understanding.


Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

Capricorn natives will start this year with doubts and uncertainties in their lives. From January 6 to February 6 you will have to make an important decision that may change the course of the entire year.

The sign of Capricorn is divided into three periods:

the first period (December 22 – December 31), the second period (January 1 – January 10), and the third period (January 11 – January 20). For those born in the first period, it will be possible this year to earn a substantial amount of money. Make sure to catch all those financial opportunities. Those born in the second period should be ready for a change in their romantic relationship. Capricorns born in the third period should expect new contracts, new professional connections, and lots of luck.

Personal opportunities

The sphere of communication is mostly positive for you this year due to planets being in complementary angles to your sign. You’re predicted to travel more and meet new people. In January, you will set up an important goal that can change your life. From July to September is the best period for achieving your objectives.

Personal limitations

There will be a group of people that may discourage you, cause a lot of trouble, or oppose your plans. These people may be in authority positions. Watch your words and be extra careful when dealing with people you don’t know well.

Capricorn men

This year, you’re expected to be flexible but strong. Deep inside, you will know that you’re on the right track and will continue working on achieving your goals no matter what others say or do. You need to be patient and careful from January to September – you’re likely to experience lots of delays caused by your colleagues. In the sphere of romance, expect ups and downs. To avoid conflicts in this area, be supportive and extra gentle with your partner because this year, they will need your love more than ever before. Be sure to help them, listen to their worries, and comfort them when they need it.

Capricorn women

At work, expect to deal with negative people that may want to stop you from achieving your goals. Don’t give up, though – you’re strong enough to keep moving forward. The sphere of communication may also be quite difficult this year, so be careful with what you say.

In the sphere of love, be ready to be tested in one way or another. Important lessons are likely to be held from March until May. Your partner will be moody and often annoyed with you; make sure to be patient and support them in difficult periods.


Jan. 20 - Feb. 19

From the beginning of the year, you will feel different. You will understand that this year is truly special. Be ready for it to give you lots of unforgettable moments.

The sign of Aquarius is divided into three periods:

the first period (January 21 – January 31), the second period (February 1 – February 10), and the third period (February 11 – February 19). Those born in the first period are predicted to get many financial opportunities in the year ahead. Fulfillment in romantic relationships is also on the cards for you. There are high chances that your relationship is about to become official. Those born in the second period should expect professional development. Their relationships with coworkers will become more productive and satisfying. Those born in the third period will feel extra energetic. The spiritual world is in the limelight for you this year.

Aquarius natives need to prepare for their finances being somewhat chaotic as you may be in a new field career-wise. From April to August is the perfect period for bettering and developing your social connections. Do your best to spend more time with those who are more experienced in your field. If you plan to travel, November is the most positive month.

Personal opportunities

Neptune is still in the sign of Aquarius and it is expected to influence the sphere of creativity. If your career is connected with music or writing, this is the best period to pursue your goals. Increase your knowledge in these areas. Important decisions ought to be made from late January to early March.

Personal limitations

Make sure not to rely on your luck too much in the year ahead. Taking unnecessary risks in the sphere of finances may cause frustration.

Aquarius men

Uranus, the planet of change, is in your financial sector, making it possible for you to change this sphere somehow and revamp your budget. Some Aquarius natives may switch to self-employment this year while others are predicted to look for a new position that meets their needs and tastes. In the sphere of romance, expect new people to enter your life and make you question if your relationship is what you really need and want.

Aquarius women

Many Aquarius ladies are predicted to face changes in the sphere of career. Your income will fluctuate. Expect a lot of delays, annoying issues, and unplanned expenses. In the sphere of love, the most important period is from June until October. Be ready to make several crucial decisions that can change your relationship forever.


Feb. 20 - Mar. 20

Pisceans should be ready for lots of interesting events in the year ahead. A lot of things may change really fast.

The sign of Pisces is divided into three periods:

the first period (February 20 – February 29), the second period (March 1 – March 10), and the third period (March 11 – March 20). Those Pisceans who were born in the first period are in for lots of work-related opportunities. Expect a promotion or a significant pay rise. For those who were born in the second period, the money aspect will be in the spotlight. You will seek and find new ideas to make and multiply your finances. Those born in the third period are predicted to explore something new: a new language, a new country, a new field.

Pisceans may find themselves restless and seeking new experiences in the year ahead. Some areas of your life where routine has overcome individuality and creativity should be changed and reshaped. This year is the perfect time to get a bit rebellious, especially if others try to stop you. June is the best month to make changes.

The sphere of romance is an area that will bring you much enjoyment and enlightenment. Make important decisions together with your partner in September and October.

Personal opportunities

Make sure to be true to yourself and follow your dreams as this is the perfect year to achieve your goals. Don’t let your life stagnate because stagnation may result in chaos. The best time to promote your ideas is from mid-January until May. In the first half of the year, you’re supported by benevolent planets in almost everything you do.

Personal limitations

Your obligations to others will limit you in some way or another from January until May. Use this period to complete your projects and fulfill your promises. Make sure to conclude legal matters between you and others.

Pisces men

In the year ahead, planets will make you a little capricious. Your thoughts will be too chaotic to handle. This may annoy your partner and cause a couple of serious conflicts. Your financial situation is not as stable as you want it to be, so be careful. In the year ahead, you will work on two professional objectives: the first brings money, while the second brings joy. Do your best to find a balance between them.

Pisces women

You will receive proposals from someone you know, and they may help you develop your career. Make sure to listen to your intuition. In the sphere of romance, you may find yourself feeling sad and nostalgic. Regarding finances, remember that slow and steady will help you win the race.

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