Horoscope 2020 promises plenty of intriguing events for the zodiac family! The upcoming year will be all about balance and harmony, hence marking fresh and ambitious yet realistic goals. What does this year have in store for your sign?

The year 2020 will be an improvement in almost every area of your life. A lot of things will happen to you but they will be mostly good. As a strong-willed Sagittarius native, you should not be afraid of changes. No man is an island, though. Optimism and support of your friends will be necessary. 

It will also be wise of you to control your emotions better in the year ahead. Because of your emotional outbursts, you sometimes find yourself in troubled waters. In the year 2020, Uranus, a planet of change and revolution, will affect your career, love life, and health. 

The most challenging period of the year will be that from May 14 until September 12 when your ruling planet, Jupiter, goes retrograde. Your relationship with your significant other will be tested. Some minor health issues might occur. At the same time, Uranus’s influence during this period will allow you to re-establish your financial area as you wish.

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