Horoscope 2020 promises plenty of intriguing events for the zodiac family! The upcoming year will be all about balance and harmony, hence marking fresh and ambitious yet realistic goals. What does this year have in store for your sign?

The 2020 Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction is considered a difficult situation by astrologists. Saturn prefers control and calmness while your sign prefers emotions and feelings. In 2020, your challenge will be preserving your emotions without letting them control you and your decisions. 

Saturn is forcing you to take more responsibility and confront your limitations, both physical and mental. 2020 will be a period of psychological growth. You will have to learn to control your emotions and strengthen your character. In 2020, Cancer natives will be interested in philosophy and religious and spiritual practices. It will help you to become more stoical and arrange your life better. You will be able to find a perfect balance. 

2020 will be a great year for developing and broadening your knowledge and intelligence. A good idea will be taking an educational course. Try to learn something completely new to you: a new language or something that has nothing to do with your profession. Don’t forget to develop your knowledge in the sphere you are working in. 
In general, the spheres of your main interest in 2020 will be education, social activity, spirituality, love, and health.

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