Astrology Knows All Secrets Of Pisces.

Everyone knows you, Pisces native, as a generally nice and caring person. You rarely criticize someone. If someone you know missteps or does something extremely dumb, annoying or awkward, usually you just shrug it off. “Well, that person probably had every reason to do it,” a Pisces native might say about a guy who shoved them and knocked them down.

But sometimes you allow yourself to stop being such a compassionate and tolerant person. You might even criticize someone… You might even laugh at a guy who tripped and fell and broke both his legs (that’s a joke, don’t do that). You might even leave a sarcastic comment under some random person’s ugly picture.

You never get too rude, though. You are a good person, after all. A snarky comment about a picture (probably) won’t hurt anyone. And it will be extremely satisfying for you (which is the most important thing). You let yourself be a bit judgmental, you relieve the stress accumulated in your body – and you’re fine again and ready to be the nicest person around.