Astrology Knows All Secrets Of Aquarius.

While everyone else lives in the current year, Aquarius natives live in 3020. They can’t stop thinking about the future. You, guys, always ask yourselves if the thing you are doing at the moment is a good thing to do from the point of view of your descendants. “Won’t it harm the environment? Won’t my distant offspring laugh at me for doing this thing?” you keep asking yourself.

Everyone knows you as a person who cares about the consequences. You are a person to rely on. You calculate everything beforehand. No surprise is possible on your watch. But… sometimes, really rarely, you let yourself lose control and commit a nuisance. Everything in you cries out in pain and surprise when you do so but that’s a part of the game. 

You do something dumb and allow yourself to face the consequences and fix the things. You are terrified, but you actually enjoy the chaos you created. When your friends ask you who is responsible for all this mess, you answer that it was you. And you are proud of it.