April Fools’ Day is that special time of the year when you can pull the most outrageous pranks without getting punched! Or so they say. Sometimes, getting punched is unavoidable, especially if you prank a Virgo. So, how does every sign react to this wonderful, wonderful day? Read on to explore your funny side!

Sags are always ready to go on an adventure. They are the kind of people who can kill a spider with bare hands or open an ominous-looking wardrobe in the middle of the night when the lights are out. They detest easy ways. If you can do something in the most difficult way possible, they’re in.

How do Sagittarians react to April Fools’ pranks? They are kind and cheerful and can be called true optimists. They will react well to any pranks, they love laughing at themselves, so let your imagination run wild. No matter how funny your prank is, they will laugh with you and praise you for trying.

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