Some signs are majoring in flirting; others are less courageous and uninhibited. What makes the difference? Learn more about the ways natives of all signs show their affection to get a better understanding of their flirting styles!

Virgo people are perfectionists by nature, which also makes them extremely picky when it comes to love affairs. A Virgo person will never, ever settle for an average partner. Instead, they usually have an elaborate list of criteria for a perfect partner, each item of which is a must! Therefore, their first date often looks like a job interview.

It may seem that winning their heart is mission impossible but don’t lose heart, Virgo people will soften over time and become more eager to adjust that list! As compared with other zodiac signs, it takes Virgo representatives more time to open their heart to other people and let them in their life, but once they do so, they are able to make their partner truly happy.

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