Some signs are majoring in flirting; others are less courageous and uninhibited. What makes the difference? Learn more about the ways natives of all signs show their affection to get a better understanding of their flirting styles!

Capricorn is probably one of the most reserved zodiac signs, and the way these people flirt isn’t an exception. Capricorns never rush or try to show off when flirting. Instead, they prefer to rely on their intellect and charm, winning your affections slowly but surely.

They don’t like to pretend to be somebody they’re not either. If they pay a compliment to you, they do it consciously, based on their deep personal impressions. If you receive a compliment from a Capricorn rep, be sure this person is honest to you. Your task is to tell the difference between flirting and sympathy when dealing with Capricorns!

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