Do you sometimes feel like another sign? Like, when you’re Libra but sometimes feel that mysterious Scorpio vibe? Then you may be one of those Cusp Signs – people whose birthday falls on the time when the Sun leaves one sign and enters another. Read on to learn more about the conflicts, struggles, and beauty of the Zodiac Cusp!

This powerful Zodiac duo often finds itself in the center of attention – and they love it. They are a social butterfly and often can be the life of the party. They are full of raw emotions and can read you from far, far away but reading them can be almost impossible because they’re notoriously private about their feelings.

Mercury and the Moon rule this beautiful Zodiac cusp together, making this sensitive and affectionate duo extremely aware of their surroundings. Their trust is hard to win but when you win it, they treat you like family. You can share any secret with them and be sure that it will remain a secret.
Cuspers tend to have a more complex personality than other members of the Zodiac family. And, it can only be revealed through a complete soul profile. Tap to get started.

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