People tend to react to compliments in different ways: some of them feel ill at ease and are confused by warm words; others are pleased to accept them and start shining with happiness when they hear they're smart or irresistible. How will your partner respond to your compliment? Choose the sign to find it out!

Everybody knows that Leo is the most royal sign of the zodiac, that’s why for its representatives it’s quite normal and even essential to receive as many compliments as possible. You may even decide that compliments were invented for Leo people only! They feel proud when they hear words of flattery and will never reject them even if they’re not sure they’re sincere.

People born under the sign always willingly thank compliment givers. Moreover, if you do it frequently and sincerely you will definitely become their lifelong friends. But be careful not to turn the words of praise into flattery all the time because there is a fine line between being caring and friendly and being a liar.

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