People tend to react to compliments in different ways: some of them feel ill at ease and are confused by warm words; others are pleased to accept them and start shining with happiness when they hear they're smart or irresistible. How will your partner respond to your compliment? Choose the sign to find it out!

Gemini people behave like a person in two minds: on one hand, they’re truly glad to receive compliments but on the other hand, they may start feeling that it’s a fake. They see at once if the praise is mere flattery and may become irritated by the fact. Don’t say pleasant words to Gemini reps if you don’t mean them!

If there is a thing Gemini natives hate it’s gushing compliments. When they realize that somebody is trying to abuse them with the help of a fake compliment nothing will stop their annoyance and anger. Remember that when you’re dealing with people born under this sign it’s better to say nothing than to say too much.

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