People tend to react to compliments in different ways: some of them feel ill at ease and are confused by warm words; others are pleased to accept them and start shining with happiness when they hear they're smart or irresistible. How will your partner respond to your compliment? Choose the sign to find it out!

Capricorns are known for their practical approach to any issue, and compliments are not an exception. They want to hear useful and constructive praise only and are tired of abstract phrases that have in fact nothing to do with them. They will surely use positive words you tell them to become better and achieve more.

They love to connect the dots and would hardly appreciate empty phrases. It’s even possible that they will ask you to work on your words more to make them truly meaningful. However, if you get a compliment from your Capricorn acquaintance you can be absolutely sure that he or she is serious and you’ve done really great.

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