Our lives are generally viewed as a sequence of black and white stripes. The main question is where this borderline at which a white stripe turns into a black one is actually located. However, there are certain omens that mark the start of the down times of our lives. Pick your sign and find out what omens you should pay attention to and what to do not to kickstart a run of bad luck.

“Everything has its reason” sounds like a motto for a reasonable and pragmatic Capricornian. No wonder, you are not a superstitious type. However, there is one superstition that actually spots-on. Leaving your purse or wallet on the floor is an evil omen for Capricorn representatives.

However, this should not be taken literally. Showing disregard for your wealth is what can damage Capricornian’s energy flows. As a result, you are likely to end up with hasty decisions that in their turn may jumpstart a run of bad luck in your life linked to financial challenges.

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